Canadian Operator Telus Kills Adult Content

February 22nd, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Adult Games | 1 Comment »

After numerous complaints by it’s customers, Canadian operator Telus has pulled the plug out of their adult content platform. The platform was launched a few months ago with heavy protection measures to avoid minors from viewing the content. It was not even until the media started blowing up the story, that consumers started complaining about the services.

"Providing adult content is not a business our customers want us to be in," Telus director of media relations Jim Johannsson told the Vancouver Sun. "There was a fundamental lack of awareness among the people who called or wrote with concerns that cellphones are web-enabled devices. Parents should take the same precautions about letting children use cellphones as they do with their home computers that are connected to the Internet."

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    1. Tommy says:

      Working for a company that deals with adult mobile content, I think it’s important to take child protection seriously. This is important from a business standpoint because it gives the whole adult mobile content industry a bad name.

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