Carl Freer: Gizmondo Arrives Late 2008

February 19th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Smartphones & Tablets | 1 Comment »

GizmondoFollowing our previous coverage, more news surrounding the Gizmondo return is surfacing in another interview from Hans Sandberg.

Gizmondo Relaunch Delayed

Carl Freer explains that the relaunch of the Gizmondo has been delayed due to production issues, but will happen. Now, the release is set for the second half of 2008. His colleague Mikael Ljungman and Ian Murphy from Plextek will meet up in China to go over the manufacturing setup.

China Domestic Market Exception

The factory that will produce the new Gizmondo gaming systems will hold the rights to distribute the system to the local market. Though Tiger Telematics / Gizmondo will not earn a dime on this market when it comes to the hardware, Gizmondo will power the advertising system and offer advertising packages to the Chinese market, based on the SmartAds technology.

Tiger Telematics Restructuring

One other thing Carl has to arrange is the restructuring of Tiger Telematics. Convincing the board is not expected to be a big problem and some former enemies like financier Joe Market have burried the hatchet.

Hardware Improvements

Though the widescreen version will be launched after the re-launch of the original Gizmondo, the original model did get a number of improvements. The nVidia graphics chip has received several improvements and the AR-Technology has become much more realistic. Also the batterylife problems have been solved (batteries evolved a lot over the time).

U.K. Liquidators

James Hunt, an independent investigator for the UK Liquidators, has also met up with Carl and Mikael to ask some questions about transactions in previous owned companies toward Gizmondo Europe. According to James, the answers where satisfying.

Gangs and Mobsters

Mikael Ljungman worked with Carl in the previous Gizmondo adventure and was hit hard financially when the company crashed. On top of that, he was pursued by Swedish tax and legal authorities because of alleged connections to the Uppsala Mafia. This lead to convictions for tax fraud and bookkeeping errors. He was forced into bankrupcy when his business dried up. Currently he is taking up his conviction with the higher court.

“Mikael is my Co-Pilot on this project. He has been an absolutely indispensable asset in putting the Chinese manufacturing together. Lots of shareholders will have a lot to thank him for, because without a manufacturer, how could I bankroll this? Where would I get $300 million for components?” said Carl Freer.

For the full detailed interview, please check this link.

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    1. Cryptic Sam says:

      I can’t believe that anyone is falling for this crook yet again. he has a history of ripping people off… Just ask any of his employees who he started ‘not paying’ as way back as 2004. He is a crook, liar and cheat.

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