Excite Japan to start selling in Europe

August 24th, 2006 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Brand Licensing | 6 Comments »

Ozura Mobile just announced they have successfully concluded a deal with Excite Japan to bring their mobile games into Europe. Ozura expects this deal to value around $20 million.

"Ozura Mobile has been chosen as the preferred international mobile game distributor due to its well established presence in the global mobile gaming industry," said Ozura Mobile’s chief executive officer, Lion Peh.

Ozura expects to be able to present their games to 150 million subscribers in their network trough their own content platform called FunlogiX.

    6 Responses to “Excite Japan to start selling in Europe”

    1. Yes that is good news actually as I have one title already directly placed with Ozura i.e. ‘Mouse Panic! 2’ and one in the wings BUT I have yet to make any money from them yet? so it will be interesting to see what % share of that $20M revenue I actually make back – probably 10$ and ‘love u long time’ given the amouont of piracy over that side of the globe 😛

    2. Developer says:

      Is game development for big boys only?
      How do I submit games to Ozura? I’d tried to contact Glu, Jamdat and Gameloft, all didn’t reply my email 🙁

    3. No not really. I would suggest you give the bigger players a miss and go for the medium sized ones first and submit some eye candy to them via their contact emails on there site(s).
      Eventually when you do get going they will come to you to some degree if they like what they see?… beware not all are good though but that’s for you to find out on your own like everything in else life – no free lunch to be had in mobile games anyway at least for sure.

    4. HG Vampire says:

      lets see what is worth 20mil 😉
      Mobile Games Business is only for the big boys. Sad but true. Dont go to the big ones go to the midsize or even smaller publishers. Good luck

    5. I agree the big revenue is of course as you say, but mobile games design and programming design is within your reach and the smaller revenue it brings. The truth is don’t be put off by such cobblers! big things grow from little mobile acorns and all things in life are not great becasue they are big (not including money or breasts!)

    6. Ling says:

      Dear Developer,
      I’ve tried to send you email however it has been bounced back. Kindly contact us via llsee@ozura.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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