Fishlabs Mobile Games Via E-Mail

March 5th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Other news | No Comments »

FishlabsFishlabs is clearly innovating as the German developer has started to deliver it’s mobile games via e-mail, which means that consumers will be ‘sideloading’ via PC to eliminate the costs of getting a mobile game.

This new way of delivering mobile games has a few good, but also weak points. One of the biggest benefits is that both the developer and the consumer safe money they would have to pay to the operator for the transaction. Also, Fishlabs will now be able to create far bigger games and so probably charge more per title.

On the down side, the technology leans even more on the consumer being able to wire of BT the mobile game to it’s phone. As if the classic wap purchase models weren’t difficult enough already. Another thing would be the DRM, how to make sure the game doesn’t end up on just about any phone after one purchase? Of course, we are sure Fishlabs managed to work on all of these issues.

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