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February 18th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Ad Funded Gaming | No Comments »

DailydowntimeIn the UK, there is a new adfunded service that spreads free mobile games and other content. The company is known as DailyDowntime and tries to fill the gap where people well… do nothing anyway.

According to research from Salary.com, 2.09 hours of a working day are lost due to various reasons like waiting for friends or colleagues. With their service, Daily Downtime tries to make this part of the day as fun as possible.

DailyDowntime does not only provide free mobile games like Sudoku, but also send SMS texts and other entertainment services. These services are paid via non-obtrusive adds that last from 2 to 5 seconds for the consumer.

The service is launched in the UK and is supporting a wide array of the most recent mobile phones. Outside the UK, the service seems not to be available at the moment.

James Bagshawe, founder and director of Daily Downtime said: “I am delighted and excited to be launching the Daily Downtime application. We are giving the public great stuff, for free, every day. We think that’s a winning combination. Whenever boredom or idleness strikes, Daily Downtime is the cure you always carry with you. Throughout our beta test, we are going to add more stuff and continue to improve the service. We feel it’s a win-win. Our users get great free content and brands get a targeted, visual, dynamic and non-intrusive platform.”

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