Gameplay: Operator Wizzl Launches

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WizzlAt the Gameplay event last friday, Wizzl launched. Wizzle is a Skype like VOIP service, but is an official operator and is preparing to launch also on mobile.

Wizzl on the PC

At the first glance, Wizzl looks just like another Skype or Voipbuster. Wizzl does offer more though as the client is focused mostly at bringing entertainment in one package. It allows consumers to watch TV, listen to radio, access media files like MP3’s, photo’s, movies and it offers a selection of games.

Since the launch, Wizzl clients have been downloaded in 100 countries and Wizzlers can call each other for free from PC to PC. Wizzl will also allow cheap calls to mobile and landlines on a global scale. To do this, Wizzl has acquired an official operator license, meaning it has direct access to operator networks world wide.

Wizzl PC oppertunities for Mobile Game Developers

On the PC, the games for Wizzl are based on Flash and displayed primarily in the small screen of the client. This is where opportunities become available to developers of Flash Lite mobile games. As the screen is to small for advanced and big games, mobile games should be able to deliver clear and instant fun to the players.

Wizzl’s Mobile Roadmap

Wizzl is busy planning their mobile release. The client is already mostly finished explains Paul van Oostveen to us. The client will first be targeted at the smartphone audience, kicking off on Symbian. Just like the PC client, the mobile version should offer mobile entertainment as well including a full gaming platform. The games allowed on the platform have to be very light as Paul explains that the biggest problem in their eyes is battery drainage. As so, mobile games have to be battery friendly. Also, gaming should offer something new. Innovation is important for the Wizzl experience.

Wizzl’s Content Strategy

Wizzl is aiming a lot at user generated content. Users can upload home made video’s, skins etc for which tools will become available. Everybody that wants to offer entertainment on Wizzl can do this for free or set a price on it. This way, premium content will be able to find it’s way to Wizzl users. One thing is important though, all content has to be non-adult.

How to get on Wizzl

Simple, drop an email at info@wizzl.com.

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