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GoogleThough speculations about the possibility of a Gphone have been hot for nearly a year now, accusing nearly every handset maker and even Google itself to start selling mobile phones, the latest rumours say that the Gphone will actually be an operating system.

The operating system would be taking on the competition with Symbian and Windows Mobile based mobile devices. Google is said to use Linux as base for the operating system. Linux would be an interesting choice as Linux based devices haven’t really gotten any grip on the market till now. Not over the ones created by big mobile phone developers like Motorola.

With the OS, Google would increase the reach of their advertising platform as the OS would probably be made available based on advertisements to all mobile phone manufacturers. This would be interesting as not only consumers would get a phone connected well with Google’s successful services, but also as manufacturers and operators have another revenue stream.

Though this also is still a rumour, it would greatly fit into Google’s strategy as except for their business search unit, the company still didn’t develop real mass market hardware. Also, Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Executive announced that mobile biggest the biggest growth potential for the future of the company.

Google is expected to release more information about their mobile plans later this year as rumours say an actual mobile product launch is expected in 2008. Meanwhile, more and more of Google’s services are becoming available on mobile phones. We hope by then to also learn more about mobile gaming oppertunities.

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