Greystripe Extends Advertgaming Possibilities

June 30th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Ad Funded Gaming | No Comments »

Mobile advert-gaming specialist Greystripe has announced a big update
on their platform. From now on, advertisers can gain more advertising
space and brand complete experiences.

This is all possible via their new Engagement platform. The platform raises the amount of contacts between players and the brand. Branding can start already at the wep/wap site where players download the mobile games. By sponsoring the complete play session, advertisers gain maximum exposure while keeping other advertisers away.

Greystripe also goes deeper into the game. With a nice little thingy they call ODP menu, players can visit the advertiser’s mobile website as well as download digital goodies like wallpapers and ringtones.

“Releasing the big brand spend is key to unlocking the potential of mobile advertising,” said Nick Lane, analyst for Informa Telecoms & Media, in a recent article on mobile advertising.

“When your audience has become all too proficient at tuning out the advertising messages of at the top of their computer, and now mobile phone screens, there must be another option to create value in mobile advertising,” said Vikrant Gandhi, Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.  “Brands want

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