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December 30th, 2006 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | 1 Comment »

I will post this now as I will not come round to doing it the coming 2 days. On behalf of all editors on The Mobile Games Blog, I wish you all a great 2007. As most of you probably remember our 2007 forecast editorial a few weeks back, we have pasted below the forecasts that came in after the publishing date.

"We started 2006 with phone games as our main emphasis, but have moved our emphasis to retail sales of PC, and in 2007 DS and Wii, as phone games sales are not so much low, as the fact many ‘sellers’ simply do not pay us for sales made of our games. However, there is one new model coming for 2007 which could change the whole phone game playing experience, and we are excited and proud to be supplying as yet unseen games on phones for this system. We expect 2007 to be the year Alten8 comes of age."
Paul Andrews – CEO at Alten8 Limited

"In 2007, In-Game Advertising will generate significant revenue for mobile game developers in China. During the last three years, China Mobile’s "Treasure Box" download area has been the only revenue source for mobile games in China. Now Content Providers are looking for new source of revenue as the revenue through China Mobile become more and more competitive. On the other hand, marketers are looking for new media for reaching the young generation of consumers. Mobile game is the perfect match."
Ping Fang – Managing Director at MGO Technology Ltd Co

“Well the biggest news item for 2007 is that Bizi is transforming the gaming experience globally. We produce technology that empowers mobile applications such as games, wallpapers, movies, music videos, tv etc. Basically our content partners are freed to create whatever they are great at knowing that a single application powered by our technology will work on almost any handset. With 3 billion users predicted by 2010, u can imagine how awesome it will be for mobile users, content producers, providers, carriers etc to receive a single file format. Unlike nowadays telephone carriers have to host 100’s or up to 1000 files for the same content if they want to reach every user. We also produce our own games and our catalogue is on schedule for over 100 single format games, some are multiplayer and they cover most genres and almost every handset. Currently we have covered Asia, India soon Europe and next the US. Something else to consider is that companies that produce specific ecommerce applications may want to create BtoM applications that could further enhance their customer delivery and ROI.”
Antoine Boulos – Chairman and CEO at Bizi Pty Ltd

These final three forecasts round up the collection and boost the total to 35. Thanks to everyone for contributing and onto an interesting year of the pig, indeed, the animal of 2007 for all our Chinese readers!

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