Interview: Andy Mackenzie on AppCon, AppJam and AppXtra

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As most of you know by now, the AppJam, AppCon and AppXtra conferences will be organized in one and a half week from now. We spoke with Andy Mackenzie about the events.

[Arjan] Most events go under one name. You guys have three. What’s the logic behind that?

[Andy] All three events have a different setting and targeting. By splitting it all up, the visitors know what to expect. The one thing they all have in common though, is sharing experience and knowledge.

The AppCon is the formal conference. It addresses everything an app developer will have to deal with. From level design to legal advice and marketing. We also have platform owners coming over. Both Nokia and Apple confirmed they will be present at AppCon. As a bonus, Linda.com is also offering attendees access to their materials.

The AppJam however is about creating an app in 48 hours time. It is a hands-on experience tailored for those that just want to get their feet wet. We expect a perfect blend of first timers and hardcore developers that can leverage each other.

Finally the AppXtra’s will offer a more informal setting for discussions. They will allow everybody present to spill their minds on what is bothering them and how to overcome issues in the market today.

[Arjan] Who is backing this event?

[Andy] The event is organized by Dundee College as part of their involvement with the  Interreg funded ‘Creative City Challenge’ project which aims to stimulate local and new economies through creative industries start-ups and development.

[Arjan] So you are targeting pretty much everybody that works with mobile apps?

[Andy] True, and the event is not bound to the UK or just Dundee. We expect visitors from all over the world to come over.

[Arjan] What is your favorite mobile game right now?

[Andy] Angry Birds on iPhone, no doubt. It has excellent playability.

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