JavaFX, The Future of J2me?

May 8th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: J2me | No Comments »

Sun Microsystems has announced on Cnet to release a new Java version that will make it more easy to write games and applications for (mobile) consumer devices. The new breed has been labeled JavaFX.

At the JavaOne Conference, Sun’s executive vice president of software, Rich Green explained that JavaFX should for a big part help to overcome the problems of porting applications and games for mobile phones. To support the community even more, JavaFX’s source code will for a big part be published as open source.

"This is Java for consumers, for individuals–not just enterprises, not just corporate. But experiences people at an individual level want to experience will be powered by Java," said Green. "The scripting language we are releasing will dramatically enhance the number of people who can create content for this platform."

In his speech, Green also noted that over two billion handsets are in the market that support J2me ad that Sun is highly aware of the porting issues;

"This is the realization of Java SE spanning all consumer devices and fulfilling the mantra of ‘write once, run anywhere,’" Green said. "We really had to take a step back and take a fresh view of how to achieve this broad access to the platform for developers."

For the mobile version of JavaFX, Sun uses mainly technology they acquired from SavaJe. SavaJe had developed a sort of meta language to rapidly develop J2me software over various platforms.

In our compilation of the Cnet story, we left out most of the comment related to the web development strategies for JavaFX. If you like to know more

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