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November 10th, 2006 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | No Comments »

Gamasutra has put online an extensive coverage of the LA Games Conference. They kicked off directly by a presentation on true market figures by Mike Volhaus, MD at Frank N. Magid Associated Inc.

Gaming in general is everywhere, especially among teens, young adult males, and older women from 55 to 64, with a very broad base relative to other mainstream entertainment like concert going and DVD purchasing. However, looking specifically at gaming on CD/DVD media the picture is dominated by males in their teens, followed by adult males from 18 to 34. The typical balancing factor is the free webgame space, where older women dominate.

In the mobile game space, however, women again have greater presence; between 39% and 46% of females from 12 to 44 play games preloaded onto their mobiles. Among males 18-24 44% have played preloaded mobile games, and the numbers in other age groups fall off sharply. When it comes to actually purchasing mobile games, females 18-24 lead all with 23% having done so compared to 19% for their male counterparts.

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