MGC: Trip Hawkins focuses more on the social side of gaming

July 17th, 2006 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Events & Conferences | No Comments »

Trip Hawkins (current CEO of Digital Chocolate, former founder of EA) held his keynote speech at the Mobile Games Conference in which he addressed the importance of mobile communities. “We’re entering the era of the social computer. I believe phones are actually a greater way to connect individuals socially then PC’s thanks to their ubiquity, their integrated billing, and the general rise of the mobile lifestyle”. This might sound more or less like the same message Trip announced at Games Go Mobile, however Trip went more in detail as he made comparisons with fast-food chains like McDonalds where you basically want to buy your app on the go without any delays. Also Starbucks was used as an example as current technologies allow consumers to specialize their order and even to hang around to socialize.

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