Mobile Phone Demographics Q407

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Recently, mobile device vendors like Nokia and Motorola received a lot
of press attention about their market shares. Nokia seems to be owning
40% while Motorola seems to be sinking.

Nokia managed to sell 133,5 million mobile phones in the last quarter of 2007, which led to a market share of 40,2% according to Strategy Analytics. The second biggest was Samsung that sold 46,4 million devices which led to a 14% market share. Motorola, once the biggest player in the US, seems to be suffering from Samsung’s success, though the difference between the two is very small. Motorola sold 40,9 million devices which led to a 12,3% marketshare. New kid on the block Apple received the sixth position. With their iPhone, the company managed to sell 2,3 million units and get 0,6% of the market. Amazing detail is the fact that Apple got this market share with just one model.

1. Nokia | 40,2% | 133,5 Million Units
2. Samsung | 14% | 46,4 Million Units
3. Motorola | 12,3% | 40,9 Million Units
4. SonyEricsson | 9,3% | 30,8 Million Units
5. LG | 7,1% | 23,7 Million Units
6. Apple | 0,6% | 2,3 Million Units

Motorola announced that the total sales over 2007 will be 15% below those of 2006. Motorola sold 33% less units then in 2006. Greg Brown announced that the company will be working hard on getting the sales back on track, something that is important for at least getting hold of the second position in the market again.

Motorola did have an excellent fourth quarter to end 2007. The number of sales increased a lot, but weren’t enough to make up for the first three quarters of 2007. The increase in sales looks promising for 2008. During 2007, nearly all segments of Motorola did very well, with their Symbol Technologies Inc even noting 43% of growth in revenue.

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