MU: Scoreloop, Increasing Interaction with Social Gaming

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Christian van der Leeden kicks off with a presentation of Scoreloop. After a small introduction to the company, he explains how networks like Scoreloop can increase engagement between developer and player.

With Scoreloop, developers can easily integrate functionality like leaderboards, social networks (i.e. Facebook), achievements, challenges, in-game currencies, downloadable content and virtual goods without worrying about setting up the server infrastructure behind it. To make a game more successful, Scoreloop also assists in cross promotions and an invite system that allows players to send invites to their address book from within the game. On Android, Scoreloop is adding 300.000 users each week. According to their research, Scoreloop is leading on the Android platform.

Chistian showed three examples of Scoreloop enabled games into his presentation. Jewels, the number one game on the Android Market, Parachute Panic, 5 million downloads on the App Store and Toss It, the number three game on the Android Market. The public has also been treated with a full walkthrough through the Scoreloop implementation of Parachute Panic which is totally white-labeled.

Christian has also been asked how Scoreloop will handle the new Game Center plans from Apple. He explains that Game Center is not final yet and that Scoreloop will integrate and extend with Appleā€™s platform.

When asked, Christian also said that the company is working on their analytics. There is no API (yet), but Scoreloop will come with more advanced functionality in the near future.

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