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Ken Takagi, the COO from Zeemote took the stage to introduce Zeemote and of course Aplix (which bought Zeemote when it went bust) to the developers at the Mobile Unconference.

Ken explains that Zeemote is very compatible with all sorts of mobile phones. These days, Zeemote supports 59 SonyEricsson phones directly. It supports 56 S60 devices, 22 BlackBerry’s and a huge load of Samsung and LG devices. The company is working hard on the development of support for Windows Mobile and has released an early version of their SDK for Android earlier this year.

Another development is that Zeemote is working on connecting two zeemotes to one phone at the same time. In combination with a video-out, it turns phones into cheap consoles which is very interesting for markets like Japan. Through that philosophy, Zeemote is entering new markets.

When it comes to iPhone, the Zeemote is able to connect with it but there is a problem as Apple allows only 1 hardware ID per program. This means that for ten games, there should be ten different zeemotes which is a bit weird. This makes it impossible to launch on iPhone right now.

The Zeemote was initially bundled with many phones (mainly from SonyEricsson). At first, they where the less popular models and interestingly enough, the Zeemote managed not only to stimulate device sales, but also drove up the number of downloads on those devices.

All attendees to the event have received a Zeemote during Ken’s session. Developers who have questions to the team, can send their questions to zeemote-dp-muc@aplix.co.jp.

The Mobile Unconference is sponsored by Samsung Mobile

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