Open Discussion: From Console to Mobile, Will it Fit?

February 6th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Open Discussions | 4 Comments »

It seems a never ending story is starting at MobileIndustry.biz. It all started out when Tony Pearce (Player X) announced consumer disappointment when console games are ported to mobile. According to Tony, mobile is just not there yet and the ports might harm the original console ports. It didn’t take long until THQ’s James Scalpello stood up to let us know it is not that bad at all. Now, Tim Harris form Seven Lights tells everybody console games indeed are not the right fit for porting to mobile. Personally, I think his example of Splinter Cell’s arrival on mobile is not totally right as I loved that mobile game a few years ago (even though I finished it pretty fast) as Splinter Cell is not a direct port form a console game to a mobile game. Instead it is just a totally new game, purely based on the license and storyline of its big brother. However, I like to make a call for a new open discussion at the blog. From console, to mobile, do you think it is the right fit!?

    4 Responses to “Open Discussion: From Console to Mobile, Will it Fit?”

    1. Larry says:

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    2. Very relevant topic. I think approach is everything: You can “port” a console game to mobile, and it most likely won’t work. Or you can design a new product, rooted in the original IP, sharing some of the same values the console version is built on. There is no excuse for not making great games with the latter approach – Anyone claiming differently isn’t creative enough 🙂

    3. brad says:

      i worked for years in the cell phon industry as an engineer
      we never thought that ANY games would make it at all.
      Nor did we think that anyone would want to be able to download anything to their phone, but when the technology is there, the salesman will MAKE a market for it
      speaking of selling things, check out my new search page…
      actually i think it really is a great tool

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