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November 24th, 2006 by Pascal Besteboer Posted in Analysis & Editorial | 3 Comments »

If you are a bit of a freaky person that has way to much time, you will agree that looking at statistics can be a bundle of joy and fun. You can ofcourse always interprete the results in anyway you see fit, and that is part of the bundle of joy and fun!

Having seen the recent post from MobileRated concerning their top10 of phones, we decided to finally post some of our statistics! These are taken from our free RumbleX.com gaming services and boy oh boy are they a bundle of joy and fun! (it’s Friday, so stay with me)

Now ofcourse stats like these need a little purpose, so I’m gonna sneak this advertising in here and hope Arjan won’t slap me about for it.. but hey! it’s free!  : 

RumbleX.com allows customers and developers to get their game highscores
online and compete with other people. The service is completely free
for use (for developers this is limited to free HighScore API’s and
excludes 1on1/multiplayer gaming API’s).  Oh and did I mention it’s free?

On to the stats (free for personal interpretation):

RumbleX Usage reports

November 2006

These statistics are based on
uploaded-scores and not on unique users or phones. This allows us to
check the most interesting phones for gaming, where a lesser
phone-brand might be better for gaming and thus getting a higher
percentage because of usage as result.

  • 174,628 of scores are used.
  • 37,204 unique players.

Gameing habbits

any developer it is ofcourse interesting to know what the most populair
game genre’s are. These statistics are based on all the scores in the
database across all games. We have taken into account that certain
game-types have more representation in the RumbleX network, so that
scores for a single puzzle game would weigh heavier then the scores of
5 platform games combined.

  • Platform percentage 74.59%
  • OneThumb percentage 7.9%
  • Shooter percentage 7.61%
  • Action percentage 6.84%
  • Adventure percentage 1.3%
  • Puzzle percentage 1.03%
  • Arcade percentage 0.4%
  • Sports percentage 0.34%

Phone statistics

is advised to take into account the fact that these games are mostly
developed for specific groups of phones that the particulair developer
can support. However, games in the RumbleX system, support the major handsets and brands like nokia,sony,samsung,siemens and motorola.

The most common MIDP versions:

  • 2819 phones are midp1 (18.13%)
  • 3995 phones are midp2 (25.69%)
  • 8737 are unknown (56.18%) – due to devices not sending out this information.

The most common CLDC versions:

  • 11620 phones are CLDC-1.0 (74.72%)
  • 3931 phones are CLDC-1.1 (25.28%)

The most used phones according to brand:

  • other percentage: 50.87%
    -These are phones that don’t specify themselves in the correct way, this includes phones from Motorola and Sony.
  • nokia percentage: 31.64%
  • sony percentage: 9.89%
  • samsung percentage: 6.95%
  • sharp percentage: 0.22%
  • alcatel percentage: 0.17%
  • vodafone percentage: 0.08%
  • panasonic percentage: 0.07%
  • nec percentage: 0.05%
  • siemens percentage: 0.05%

Player statistics

where possible, are based on both registered and unregistered users.
For some of the statistics like gender and location, please keep in
mind this is subject to how players register and if they enter their
correct details.

We have removed all faked and one-time used registrations, leaving only the players who are more likely honest in their
registration information (based on certain key fields).

Gender and age

  • The mobile gamer has an average age of 24
  • 85.19% is male
  • 14.81% is female

Audio preferences

  • 58.37% keeps audio on while playing a game
  • 37.1% prefers to turn the audio off while playing a game
  • 4.52% has a phone with no audio or no-audio support in games

Amount of plays

  • A player plays the same game an average of 8.08 times

    3 Responses to “Rate our stats”

    1. Tom Godber says:

      If you want, send me over the stats in a raw form like user agents and frequencies and I’ll slice the list up into a more useful form for developers – full MIDP and CLDC split (even when not stated in the UA), breakdown by platforms etc.

    2. Arjan Olsder says:

      Excellent list Pascal. It’s a joy to read such details, though it amazes me that gamers do only 8 sessions on average. It clearly means developers should de more to upgrade the quality of the games. Would you mind doing a part 2 on this about top performing games?

    3. Pascal says:

      We are still tweaking the reports and adding usefull information from the data we have on the playing habbits.
      The 8 sessions is also what the greystripe backend reports suggested, so it does seem that this is the replay value of mobile games. Ofcourse hard to say if it’s cause of the games or if people just don’t replay a mobile game that much.
      I’ll try do some follow up posts on these stats (with new updated stats, we get about 10.000 scores per week).

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