Spill Group Launches First Mobile Games Portal

October 17th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Distribution | No Comments »

Spill Group’s Marc van der Chijs has announced the release of their very first mobile games portal in China called shouji.game.com.cn (shouji = mobile phone in Chinese).

“A dedicated team worked hard on the site over the past months and I am very pleased with the result. The site is different from many other mobile gaming sites because it completely avoids China Mobile’s quasi-monopoly and its service providers. Instead of using SMS links to download the game to a phone, we use the old-fashioned way of downloading the file to a computer and then transferring it from the computer to the phone.” Said Marc van der Chijs, CEO of Spill Group Asia, co-founder of Tudou.com and angel investor in Chinese start-ups.

“In the original version of the site we still used the SMS method and charged a few RMB per game, but after trying it myself I got bombarded with spam messages, which is not the best way to keep customers happy. Because we also had to give almost all the money we earned to the SP’s and China Mobile anyway, we decided to forget about this and go for a free model without the intervention of any other parties.

The site itself is quite easy to use, you can either search for a game and then check if it is available for your phone, or select your mobile phone model and then see what games are available for that type. We offer both single player and multiple player games to our users. Soon we will also start offering games with in-game items (especially for multiplayer games). As on all our Chinese sites you can rate the games and you can leave comments about the games.

Of course the website is completely in Chinese and all games are localized Chinese language mobile games, so if you cannot read Chinese you’ll have a hard time downloading and playing the games.”

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