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July 16th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in About Us | 2 Comments »

SignalmediaAfter a period of nearly six months, this weekend we finally launched our fourth design as you can see, but there is more that has happened to the Mobile Games Blog lately.

The Mobile Games Blog and Signal Media

The Mobile Games Blog has set up a company in London called Signal Media. This company will be used for all commercial business of the blog. The writing will still happen from The Netherlands to ensure a clear line between commercial and editorial work. So yes, we want to expand possibilities for advertising, but no we don’t want our editorial work to be manipulated by it.

Signal Media and The Mobile View

We have opened up a second blog which will be maintained by several people called The Mobile View. This blog is targeting mobile TV and Video news from around the world in a similar style to mobile gaming. For me personally, the mobile games blog will stay first priority.

Future expansion

Signal Media has plans for a third blog which will be created in the next few weeks. This is also a blog maintained by other editors, and will be announced soon. Also, we will soon open up the Signal Media website where all info on our projects can be found.

Mobile Games Blog 4.0

We worked hard on this latest design. Of course, we have all the little blue Signal Media banners, so we hope to welcome yours soon. Since we created this new design for you, our reader, we would live to know what you think about it. Please insert your comments below so the developers can further improve the blog and fine-tune it to your needs.

    2 Responses to “The Mobile Games Blog 4.0”

    1. Sounds good and was just wondering how much the advertising cubes above are (each).

    2. Tomas Zeman says:

      Dear Sir,
      I write to you as you are one of the best mobile games blog.
      I am from a startup Cotopia, we do free mobile multiplayer board games. We have released new version of our portal and the games. All games are now free to all players – Chess, Reversi, Connect 4 and TicTacToe. We plan to release more games in the future.
      Games gave chat, inbox, avatar support and can be played with human opponent over GPRS or with computer robot.
      Please, could you inform about our project on your blog? It would help us a lot as we are trying to get more players.
      I dont have your email, so I try to write here.
      I am ready to answer all your questions.
      thanks a lot
      tomas zeman

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