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December 19th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Other news | 1 Comment »

Next week, it's Christmas. Most of you will have some time off while we at MGB will try to keep on blogging when we are not socializing or stuffing ourselves with too much food. Yet, this post is for you.

Instead of us just wishing all of you a great Christmas and a happy new year, we'd love it if all of our readers would take the time to comment with their best wishes and perhaps even forward looking statements below.

If you or your company is creative enough to send out nice e-cards or even normal ones, we'd love to place those in this post as well. You can send your digital cards to news@mobilegamesblog.com. For those that send out traditional cards and want them on this site;

Signal Media Ltd
Graaf Ottostraat 37
6882 DT, Velp
The Netherlands

If they are flat, we will scan them, if it's anything 3D'ish, we will photograph them. So this will be one post in which you can show your creativity and spread your feelings.


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    1. Mobile Amusements have had a great year with the advent of the iPhone/iTouch and indeed App Store.
      I’m sure the bar will will go up a few pegs in the new year regards App quality as will prices perhaps to match?
      J2me? well I’ve left that behind to some degree, though still have some live deals on since the iPhone took over for me at least and given there is far more money in it personally from own i.p. sales and previous contract development deals in 2008.
      Other than that I try to keep an open mind for 2009 and support the Mobile Games Blog into the new year.
      Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2009!

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