The Wholesale Applications Community Sheds Some Light on Their Plans

May 9th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Distribution | No Comments »

11 weeks ago, the Wholesale Applications Community was announced at the Mobile World Congress. They took some time, but finally WAC shed some more light on their ambitious plans.

The London based team’s goal is to unify the app market on several networks by February 2011. One place to distribute mobile apps and games to a host of networks while the networks remain in charge of content selection. The content would be mostly web-based to ease compatibility. The team is backed by 24 operators as well as LG, Samsung and SE which should give the team a solid foundation for their work.

Running up to February 2011, the team has defined several milestones. In July they hope to announce the financials for developers. Documentation of their plans will be available in September and a developer event will be organized in November.

ATTENTION: WAC will be at the Mobile Unconference we are organizing.

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