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Todaysgamers Today we have the second report from Todaysgamers. Today’s Gamers is releasing a lot of interesting information about the international (mobile gamer). Today, we cover stats from good old Germany.

According to the survey (conducted by TNS and GamesIndustry.com), 2.5 million people spent a total of 140 million euro’s last year playing games on their mobile phones. 4,8 million Germans play but don’t pay. Only 42% of the paying mobile gamers spent more than 5 euro’s a month on average, illustrating the “long tail” of occasional buyers of mobile content. HTC, Apple iPhone and E-Plus lead in getting mobile gamers to pay.


Genders are represented practically equal for non-paying as well as paying mobile gamers. 54% of mobile gamers is male, 46% is female. The age group 20 to 34 accounts for 26% of mobile gamers and 30% of paying mobile gamers. Teens (13-19 years) make up 28% of mobile gamers and 34% of the paying players. Almost two thirds of people spending money on mobile games has a full-time job and one third of them is married, confirming the mainstream appeal and reach of mobile games. Mobile gamers are significantly more interested in fashion, travel and news than the average German.

HTC and Apple iPhone are the most successful handset brand when it comes to converting mobile gamers to paying. Of HTCs 350,000 German mobile gamers, 71% pays for games. This percentage is 63% for the 440,000 iPhone gamers. The leading operator is E-Plus with a conversion ratio of 44% for their 1,100,000 mobile gamers. Market leader in terms of number of mobile gamers, Nokia, has only 28% paying players. Leading operator T-Mobile converts 39%.  Two thirds of paying mobile gamers has a contract opposed to using prepaid cards. For all mobile gamers this is more equal: 51% on contract, 49% using prepaid.


Only 9% of German mobile gamers plays daily. This goes up to 22% for people who have paid for games. The majority (50%) of mobile gamers plays between 15 and 60 minutes on their mobile phone when they play. Popular games for the paying mobile gamers are braintraining, strategy, sports and adventure games. Arcade games and puzzles are clearly most popular with non-paying gamers most often being the pre-installed games. 31% of all mobile gamers has played more than 3 different games in the last 6 months. 10% of paying mobile gamers, 250,000 people in absolute numbers, can be seen as the heavy users playing more than 25 different games in a 6 months period.

The full report contains much more details on this and other markets.

Get the full report from TodaysGamers.com.

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