We Ask… Something Others Wouldn’t

June 7th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Other news | 5 Comments »

TelcogamesAgain, MGB launches something new, a poll on our front page. To celebrate, we cross every line of decency and ask what other news resources wouldn’t dare. MED or Gay Porn. Why? Read more…

The recent news postings on the blog lead to numerous negative comments from developers that feel cheated by Telcogames and seem to have no faith in the MED business that is currently being set-up at the old physical Telcogames location.

Since we put up the ‘famous’ letter, Lewis MacDonald (MED’s Chief) called us a number of times out of frustration that most comments where anonymous. Since he got personal at some point, where he blamed us for bringing unprofessional journalism, we decided to ask the one question no ‘professional’ journalist would; Do you prefer to do business with MED, or Gay Porn. Voting is open on our frontpage.

So where does this take us? Probably Lewis will never want to speak to us again. Well, we never got the hottest news from him and we don’t even expect him to advertise with us anyway. Also, I was involved in doing business with Telcogames in the past. Both as distributor and as publisher (something Lewis probably didn’t know). So I know the developers that complained on the blog are more trustworthy then any of the promises made by Telcogames over the past years.

For those that ask themselves if crossing all journalistic ethical borders is the sole reason for us to put up the poll, no it isn’t. We will start to ask serious questions to you, the mobile games professional. We want to know what you think. Does advert gaming have the future, will casual games keep topping the charts and how much of your budget do you spend on brand licensing? All on there soon!

For other companies fearing that we would take such an action against them, don’t. The blog doesn’t always bring the most positive news but we do try to stay neutral.

    5 Responses to “We Ask… Something Others Wouldn’t”

    1. John says:

      Priceless Arjan, glad you’ve not backed down! 🙂

    2. John says:

      I was scratching my head to try and work out the difference … and then it came to me:
      Gay Porn : Watching others getting shafted up the jacksie.
      Business with Telcogames: Participating in being shafted up the jacksie.
      Good one Arjan.

    3. Mark Ripley says:

      Nice one Arjan!

    4. Trent says:

      Yeah…gay-bashing is really controversial.

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