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Windows-phone Steve Ballmer just announced Windows Phone 7 and switched the mike to one of the key persons behind the development of this new series of Windows Mobile phones.

It seems Windows Phone 7 Series is more about the consumer than any phone before. The interface is indeed more aimed at finger control and has a Zune like interface. This is something new indeed.


And we have Xbox Live confimed. It is in the side-scrolling menu part.

Only three buttons on the phone. Start, Search and Back (no more d-pad!). All you need for navigating through it. They all have capacitive screens.

The widgets are called ‘Live Tiles’

The app bar shows icons with functionality. It can however be sliding up from the bottom to show more menu options.

Mutitouch and gestures are supported, just like in Windows 7.

Every Windows 7 Series will be like a Zune HD for Media like Music and Video’s

Games coming up now (finally)

Xbox Live service and games coming to the phone.

Advert about Windows Series 7 takes a pinch at Apple for the lack of multitasking with apps.

Press release from HTC comes in, they name the platform wrong: "Windows Mobile Phone 7"

Partners are Qualcomm, Toshiba, SonyEricsson, Garmin Asus, LG, HTC, HP, Dell & Samsung.

The new Windows Phone should be on the shelves before the holiday season.

Microsoft will not turn Windows Phone 7 Series into a free product as. The costs are at the purchase and not hidden somewhere else according to Steve Ballmer.

Adobe Flash is not supported yet, but MS has no objection against it being there.

The keynote is over, and already the Windows Phone site is updated.

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