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July 31st, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: Plaszma | No Comments »

Ziilabs Have you heard of the Zii EGG already? It's creative's new iPod Touch killer. The device looks slick and comes with Android and hardware 3D support. They even signed up Fishlabs to provide content for it.

To assist developers of their Airplay platform in building games for Creative's newest toy, Idealabs3D had built in full support for the device. This allows those developers to create native games for the device that is based in the ZiiLABS Plaszma platform.

The Zii EGG will bring fierce competition to Apple's iPhone Touch as it supports various operating systems. One of them being Android. It also supports multi-touch, which will ease porting or iPhone apps.

Tim Closs, CTO Ideaworks3D said, "Gaming continues to be a key driver for consumer uptake of new handheld devices, but manufacturers outside the handful of industry leaders face huge challenges in reaching this market. Not only must they provide a state-of-the-art runtime environment for games on their devices, but they must also provide a developer-friendly SDK and persuade content providers to build applications. A vicious circle exists whereby developers will not invest in a new platform until it is proven, yet the manufacturer cannot launch a gaming service without a compelling catalogue of branded applications. Airplay breaks this circle by providing an SDK that targets all native platforms at once, both existing and emerging. Furthermore, an enviable catalogue of premium-branded games is already based on Airplay, providing manufacturers with an immediate launch catalogue. The Zii EGG platform provides OEMs with the hardware and integrated OS they need on which to build outstanding products; Airplay provides the development tools and games ecosystem to attract consumers."

Tim Lewis, ZiiLABS Director of Marketing and Partner Relations, added "ZiiLABS is committed to providing manufacturers with the best head start in building differentiated consumer devices. As part of this commitment, we are proud to see Airplay integrated with the Zii EGG and our future Linux-based Plaszma platforms. We were pleased to see existing premium-branded games running on the Zii EGG without any requirement for porting or reconfiguration. Airplay is an exciting addition to our portfolio of out-of-the-box solutions for manufacturers looking to enable compelling games and applications on their devices."

Check MGBTV as we have uploaded 2 Zii video's in the past few days.

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