74 Days, 1.000.000 iPhones

September 11th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Smartphones & Tablets | 2 Comments »

AppleIt seems the iPhone is becoming the new big hit for Apple as the device has sold 1 million times in the First 74 days after the launch. The iPod needed two years to reach that number.

Apple expected to hit one million sales somewhere in September, but the recent price cut in which the iPhone dropped 1/3 in price greatly benefits the sales. Apple hopes to sell 10 million iPhones next year as it will be fully available in Europe and Asia. The model launched in these regions will feature full 3G services.

    2 Responses to “74 Days, 1.000.000 iPhones”

    1. dean says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for the blog. I think it’s a great resource for gamers and researchers alike.
      Look forward to reading future posts.

    2. raddedas says:

      Amusing that the failure of the iPod for some time after its release is now being used as a pluspoint in marketing 🙂
      These figures don’t seem to indicate whether they mean Apple shipments into sales channels or actual handsets bought – a rather significant difference, especially when comparing to iSuppli figures which were sales to end users (which will always lag behind)…

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