All About That PSP Phone Again…

June 30th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Gaming Gear | 1 Comment »

Sony-psp-playstation-portab It has been rumoured for years, but this time it seems Sony is the one starting to talk about the possibilities of a real mobile phone based on Sony's Playstation or PSP brand.

Over the past years, SonyEricsson has used a wide array or Sony brands to market their mobile phones. They used Bravia for their TV targetted handsets, Cybershot for those with additional camera features and Walkman for those aimed at MP3 players. Yet, Sony had never allowed SonyEricsson to use it's PSP brand.

It is not sure at the moment if Sony is about to grand SonyEricsson permission to use the brand now. Instead, rumours say that Sony might just add phone features to their next PSP Go hardware. The PSP Go that was shown to the press already was already based on an App Store like model as the UMD slot was totally removed.

The new PSP would be designed by a dedicated unit. Rumours say the team is aimed at completing the new console for the E3 next year, but we are unsure about the accuracy of that time frame.

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    1. Calumks says:

      It would be kinda hard to have a PSP as a phone. Think how funny it would look when talking. Plus it would be annoying having to take a PSP in your pocket wherever you go.

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