Dynamic Pixels Releases Russian Black Jack

September 4th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in New Releases | 1 Comment »

DynamicpixelsRussian people are known for their habits like drinking Vodka until they have no liver left and playing suicidal games like Russian Roulette. The people at Dynamic Pixels probably combined both to come with the idea of releasing Russian Black Jack.

Russian Black Jack is much like the regular Black Jack. However with Russian Black Jack you have to play using a 36 cards deck while having 52 in a normal one. In the game, players do get the option to choose which version to play.

The game has a strong multiplayer focus. Players can play together on one handset or using multiple handsets with the same game on them via a Bluetooth connection. Also, the game uses the so called Mobile Arena, a multiplayer platform developed by Dynamic Pixels. With the Arena, players can compete worldwide to claim top ranks.

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    1. jon says:

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