G1 Multitouch Proof of Concept

November 23rd, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Smartphones & Tablets | No Comments »

According to US consumers, one of the big lacks of the G1 is support for multitouch on the device. A hacker has now created a video in which he shows that it is possible after all.

The video (which should be on MGB-TV in a few minutes) shows how the hacker made it possible to draw circles with two fingers. This functionality was achieved by changing some bits of the phone's firmware.

Still it's a bit hard to believe that the hardware brings full multitouch support as on the iPhone. Recently, another hacker announced that HTC's Touch Diamond and Touch Pro could be patched to support multitouch. Soon after, it came to light that it was a very rouch version as the screen was devided in rough segments and those segments where able to provide multiple readouts at the same time. That wasn't enough to bring the exact iPhone experience.

Mark Moons from HTC Benelux declared that HTC is not looking at creating multitouch devices. The HTC philosophy is to be able to handle the basic device functions with just the thumb.

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