GDC: You can Buy Your Way Into the App Store (Badmonkee)

August 17th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | 11 Comments »

During the “Mobile Games are Leading the App Store Boom” session at the GDC this morning (we will cover it later today), Michael Bohne from Badmonkey stated that Apple promotions can be bought.

During the discussion about how to get your apps promoted on the app store, Bohne stated that you have to be lucky Apple covers you and if not, the alternatives are to use someone you know within Apple or pay someone within Apple to get your game featured. We know several mobile game developers have connections within Apple but it is the first time a developer speaks about bribes so openly.

UPDATE: Please check the comments from Michael Bohne below and ready the full discussion here to read how Fishlabs defended Apple on the comment that placement can be bought.

    11 Responses to “GDC: You can Buy Your Way Into the App Store (Badmonkee)”

    1. Michael Bohne says:

      Looking for a nice story here? Sorry, but this article is absolut not true and I would recommend taking it from your page immediately or correct it. What I said was: “You have to know somebody who knows somebody”, that will help. Buying into it was a joke of course. Since we are Apple partners I would never say something like this without risking our position. I was comparing with other game business where you indeed can buy your way into the stores, like in retail. To talk about bribe here is absolutely a wrong statement and definetely not from me and an impertinent lie.
      Awaiting an apology.

      Thanks, Michael

    2. admin says:

      @Michael, how nice of you to respond, and so quickly. We didn’t notice the comment was a joke and since the topic was the app store charts, we didn’t expect it to be about any other platform. It is not our policy to remove stories but thanks for the explanation and our apologies for the misinterpretation.

    3. Dave M. says:

      So, you get a correction from the speaker himself, and yet the only “correction” you make is: “UPDATE: Please check the comments from Michael Bohne below”?

      Clearly your blog is looking for “link bait” and found some in this “story”. I hope for Michael’s sake that this story doesn’t get Badmonkee kicked out of the App Store. If it does, I hope that you guys see a very expensive lawsuit in your future.

      Time to unsubscribe…

    4. realist says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with Dave. “Journalism” of the lowest kind. I hope that nobody links this pathetic attempt of a story. How about you just make something up the next time, that would be the next step in your evolution I guess.

    5. CupertinoKid says:

      I was there this morning and heard the same. It didn’t sound like a joke though it is also unlikely to be true if you know Apple. If you say things like this in front of a room filled with developers and journalists, chances are someone will note it down so it is unfair to take it out on one that did.

      @realist; I rather read facts here, even if they hurt.

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    7. Markus P says:

      I was there this morning as well and I honestly think that something is clearly misinterpreted here. It is probably not right to say something like that but funnily people laughed after the comment. I did as well and I interpreted it clearly as a joke. To create such a fuzz out of it I see as very sensationalist. Sad but true for such a mostly well written web blog.

    8. Bad Badmonkey says:

      When Michael Schade started to defend Apple, it was clear this journalist was not the only one to not ´get´ your joke. Don´t demand others to apologize for your mistakes 😉

    9. Ellen says:

      I was at the same session and for me it was clear that this was not intended as a joke. Especially because Bohne said several times “to be honest”.

      If you would like to know what Michael Bohme said exactly: I recorded the whole presentation and can submit the owners of this site with the recording. Then you can decide yourself if you think it was intended as a joke.

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    11. Mikael Nerde says:

      Honestly. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Everything is a about what relations you have to get that extra inch. Of course quality comes first and so forth, but through the right relations you will always get that extra push or recognition or placement.

      Most people don’t go the length to money bribes, but buying a dinner or drinks goes a long way if you know who to target. And currently, establishing a tie with people in the Apple App Store or Android Market teams is the way to go for fast tracking the charts and getting recommendations.

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