Halfbrick Builds An Empire Through Fruit Ninja

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Would you ever have expected to find yourself slicing fruit on your PC, iPhone or other mobile device? Not many would but we all have to agree that the thrill you get from slicing fruit and dodging bombs is fantastic. And who have we to thank for such a strange combination? Halfbrick Studios, game developer, which was founded in 2001, in Queensland, Australia. If you were a fan of the nickelodeon games, you may be aware that it was this same developer who developed popular games such as Rocket Power: Beach Bandits and a few Avatar the Last Air bender games. Being one of the most downloadable mobile games in history, its only natural that many similar clones and other ways to play Fruit Ninja Online exist all over the web.

For those unaware of what the popular game Fruit Ninja is all about hopefully this sums it up nicely: You are as an acclaimed ninja whose main goal is to score points slicing as many fruit as you can and avoiding bombs. It’s not as easy as it sounds as the fruits start flying in the air slowly as the game begins, but as in every game there has to be a challenge. After a while the fruits start to appear all over the screen, and in the midst of them, are the bombs set to trick you in slicing them instead. And once you do the game is all over. The game also ends when you let too many fruits go unsliced, so it would be wise to make sure you get all those melons, banana’s, pineapples, and apples. Now wouldn’t be the time to try to save food.

The concept of the game is in fact, very much random, but Halfbrick didn’t seem to mind as so are a lot of successful apps on the market. Halfbrick did their research and found that the game would have no problem with fitting in with other applications and the identifying it as something “special”. It was simply a suggested process and was expected to do well on the new, aged phone with touch screens. What Halfbrick probably didn’t expect was the outstanding success of their own app as they released it on April 21, 2010 for iPhones and iPods and then making its way to Android devices on September 17,2010. Just five months after being released on the market the app had exceeded three million downloads and had found its way onto the xBox Kinnect. Yes yes, you can actually play fruit ninja on your television nowadays. This is an astronomical win for the developers as they had scored somewhat of a touch down on the field of the app market against the odds.

Business looks good for the game developer, and you can find that quote on their web page. Fruit Ninja became to vastly popular that even TV ads started using it’s theme, not to mention you can purchase Fruit Ninja costumes online. Halfbrick has become a household name as it pertains to games as it is very likely you’ll find one of their creations for Playstation, xBox, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and more somewhere in the homes of gamers across the globe. All thanks go to the pastime of slicing virtual fruit which since then, have been given the bonus of a familiar feline. You can now also download the app Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots for an added fun to your fruit slicing awesomeness. Let’s get messy!

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