iHobo, Taking the Homeless Onto the iPhone

May 12th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Game Announcements | No Comments »

iHobo is a Tamagotchi styled iPhone game that educates consumers about the problems of the homeless. Waste the hobo and the hobo will probably get wasted in return.

When consumers start iHobo, they get their own homeless kid to care about. You can give him a sleepingbag, money or food. iHobo will cry out for attention now and then, which means you have to react. If you don’t, he might get messed up which means he will use his money for drugs, ignore food and even sell his sleepingbag if needed.

With iHobo, the developers hope to raise awareness of the problems hobo’s have as well as gather interest for Depaul UK, a fund that tries to take care of the homeless.

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