In-Fusio and Filao Mobile Acquired by Zenops

May 11th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Companies & M&A | 2 Comments »

ZenopsIt seems to be an interesting Friday again as Zenops announced the acquisition of both Filao Mobile, In-Fusio and MobileScope (which was owned by In-Fusio).

Filaomobile With the purchase, Zenops instantly increases their footprint in the mobile games arena as they acquired both development and publishing units in France. The full company now has 200 employees around the globe.

Commenting on the deals ZENOPS CEO, Pascal Boiteux said: “ZENOPS has become one of the world’s top mobile games publishers on i-mode and has built a unique technology enabling it to release new products for a fraction of the cost of our competitors, while at the same time providing an exceptional level of quality to the player. With IN-FUSIO, MOBILE SCOPE and FILAO on board, we will be able to realize our ambition of publishing games and providing services to carriers, manufacturers and media companies on a much broader scale.”

"We welcome the IN-FUSIO, FILAO and MOBILE SCOPE teams with enthusiasm. Bringing on board the innovation mindset, technology and expertise of some of the world\’s leading mobile entertainment publishers and solution providers is a clear win for game players, manufacturers and carriers alike. It positions ZENOPS for further growth and is perfectly in tune with our strategy of delivering content for mobile phones and services dedicated to communities through cutting-edge technology and quality. We want to be a key player in the consolidation of this market, and these acquisitions make us the number two player in Europe and propel us into sixth place in the western world. With the strong support from our investors, we now have all the necessary assets and people in place to carry the development of ZENOPS forward".

Infusio We wonder what the new company structure and brand will be. In-Fusio has been plagued by its lawsuit against Microsoft over the HALO license and so all recent licensing deals for mobile games went to Glu. Filao itself however has only entered the market recently and made a great entry with titles like Advanced Brain Trainer.


    2 Responses to “In-Fusio and Filao Mobile Acquired by Zenops”

    1. guesr says:

      we need figures behind the deal!

    2. Adrian says:

      Number1 in Europe 🙂
      Only in cheating and breaking the law.
      Against Zenops CEO Pascal Boiteux several investigations are running.
      The police is interested in his “business activites” across Europe, e.g. not paying taxes, employee salaries, etc.

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