iPhone to Allow Multitasking in OS 4.0?

March 12th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | 1 Comment »

Apple While iPhoneOS 3.2 hasn’t even been rolled out, the first rumors about iPhone OS 4.0 have started to surface. The biggest update? The iPhone will finally allow multitasking and thus, become a real smartphone.

The lack of real multitasking has always been one of the major disappointments for many consumers while it has also been a perfect method for Apple to guarantee the same performance over all handsets of a certain generation. In fact, it has always been in the system, but is was limited to the apps Apple bundled with the OS (i.e. playing music).

For the new generation of iPhones (and iPads) it will probably mean they will receive more powerfull hardware to make up for the additional resources needed by the apps. This could also mean that older hardware might get a separate branch of the firmware that will not allow multitasking. In fact, we could imagine that Apple would cap the resource usage for apps running in the background to avoid a huge drain on the system.


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    1. I believe this one feature should be from the first version.. Though I hope its not a rumor..

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