JavArt Releases Minesweeper Deluxe

April 12th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in New Releases | No Comments »

After creating a whole new Domino experience, Javart is doing it again
and will change the way of playing minesweeper. Instead of working on
some grid, you now have to disarm bombs in central London.

So there you are, a police officer who is called “Bobby”. Could your name be any more disturbing when serving under the UK Police force? You play the mobile game in an isometric view where you walk around with your metal detector to find some ready to explode WWII (deep sea) mines.

Minesw_1Though the game is pretty much the way we all know it, JavArt did include a Bluetooth multiplayer option where you can play against friends or a CPU. The object of the multiplayer is to uncover the most mines (or at least be the longest to stay alive).

"In few words, the game is cool because it gives more possibilities to play to the fans of minesweeper" said Angelo Rocca, Business development manager at Javart

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