Living Mobile Goes Fully Connected With NOM and Spectrobes

May 2nd, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | 1 Comment »

German based Living Mobile (part of Disney) has chosen to take their connectivity in mobile games to the next level as they chose to start building custom portals to enhance the mobile gaming experience toward the end consumer. We took the grand tour trough their plans.

What is connectivity

Sometimes, I like to repeat what we all know for all those new people reading the blog. Connectivity within mobile gaming means the games are able to connect with the internet to give us feedback. A good example is the transmission of highscores that many mobile game developers added to their games in the early days. Needless to say, there is much more possible now.

The standard stuff

So, not everything is new, but does it need to? Living Mobile didn’t forget about any of the essentials. When the game is played, the user can choose to transmit their highscores to a global leader board. In order to list yourself, a username is preferred, hence the consumers can register themselves. This gives Living Mobile a good insight into consumer behaviour as any action can be tied to an actual person. Building up a big database of consumer records is great for research.

Unique games with their own unique experience

What makes Living Mobile truly unique is the way they present the technology toward consumers. The NOM portal for example fits exactly in the atmosphere of the mobile game. Living Mobile applied the right colours and graphics. Another great example is for Spectrobes, another Living Mobile game that is set to hit the shelves soon with a full set of connected features. Unlike the simplistic design that fits the NOM license, the Spectrobes site features a lot of graphics from the game.

To enhance the experience even more toward the consumers, the portals bring a lot of information about the games. From character backgrounds to hints about how to play the game the best way. This way, Living Mobile tries to ensure the customer can get the satisfaction they want out of their purchase. As a bonus, they make available free downloads like wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers for the true fans.

Custom portal branding

Living Mobile has created the portals in a way that operators can custom brand the headers and footers. This way, the company tries to avoid breaking down the experience by operator rulings. Also, the portals come standard in a range of languages.

"For us ‘Community Portals’ are a visonary feature to extend the attractiveness of our key games. We strive to generate a network which gamers can join enjoying more of their game of choice together with others. Over time we aim to enhance the interactivity between portals of different games and also allow for interaction between the same game on different platforms. Gamers will find features like direct challenges, chats, buddy lists or polls as well as further extensions to the individual game they like so much. Communities should be the natural entry point to any thrilling innovation in  mobile gaming." Said Thomas Garanin, Managing Director at Living Mobile

For all those that want to take a testdrive on one of their portals, we advice you to point your mobile browser to wap.spectrobes.com.

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