Mobclix Offers Realtime App Store Statistics

February 25th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: PalmOS | 2 Comments »

Today we received an e-mail about Mobclix, a new company (that is, we never heard of them before) with interesting statistics. We went to their site and where amazed by the interesting demographics that we found.

But let's start off at the top. How many mobile games and applications are offered to consumers for free? According to the website, it's 22.7% (or 5487) apps over the past year. When looking at the last month, 277 free mobile apps where launched, but that was only 17.7% of the total. Interestingly, if we narrow down to mobile games, the percentage increases to exactly 25% over the past month. The average number of free mobile games for the past year was at 23.3%, also above the average of applications.

Within the games section, the puzzle games are the most popular under developers (19.1%). Without doubt this is because the category offers a lot of space to launch evergreens.

The puzzle category is followed by the arcade (12.1%) and action categories (11.6%). Interestingly enough, the least popular categories are Dice (1.2%) and Music (1.4). When Apple implemented J2me in their first iPod's, developers where pushed to develop as much music games as possible.

So what is the downturn of this new web service? In the end it's still the revenue that counts. It's nice to know the biggest category and how many apps and games are free, but it's more interesting to see where most of the downloads happen.

For those that love to dig around more, visit the company here.

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    1. Those interested in this might like to look at thread here first…

    2. samII says:

      Adrian very nice stats and feedback from the developers. Going for adwrapped isnt the big hit as it seems. Thanks for the inside!

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