Mobi Chill, the next Mosh?

September 16th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Distribution | 2 Comments »

Notorious-solutions Most of you will probably still remember Nokia's Mosh as the place where consumers uplaoded your games for free. Now, there is another portal that even allows them to earn money with it.

Mobi Chill is a mobile content portal from a UK company that allows consumers to upload their content and sell it for credits (they have their own wallet system online). Of course, the terms of use say that consumers can upload only stuff that they own the copyrights of, but consumers are known not to care much about that.

The first example is already online. Some user called m0fo is selling GTA IV Mobile. What!? Yes, a game that doesn't exist. Yet, the portal shows that 17 consumers have already bought it for 35 credits and it's online since Saturday. Indeed, there seem to be no content checks and I wonder what paying consumers actually get. The user has uploaded many more titles of which it's hard to check if it's legal or not (i.e. Dweeps, Car Racer 3, FC Bayern Munchen etc). Luckily these guys are located in the UK (Notorious Solutions LTD) which makes it easy to take legal action if needed. If you find your content on there, contact David Opresnik.

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    1. Adrian Cummings says:

      Interesting to see our IP ‘Dweebs’ listed there? I shall contact them directly.

    2. I can confirm that I have been in contact with David at Mobi Chill today and that our ‘Dweebs’ IP is indeed being used legally thru an established partner chain, so all OK with me for the record.

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