Mobile Deluxe Monetizes on Charity

July 20th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Marketing Strategies | No Comments »

California based mobile games developer Mobile Deluxe has released two new games. Though the games themselves don’t look spectacular, they actually allow players to donate to charity by playing.

Sudoku Deluxe and Bliss are simple casual games like we have seen many before. Only with these versions, Mobile Deluxe is donating part of the advertising revenues to charity. With Soduko Deluxe, the company donates money to Trees for the Future. Every Sudoku game awards up to three trees per player. Mobile Deluxe will plant up to 25,000 new trees. At least 8,333 players will be needed to reach this number. With an average selling price of $2.99, this means $24.916 in revenues. At the moment, 702 ($2,098.98 in revenues) trees have been planted.

Bliss donates money to the Beautiful Day Foundation, a foundation that battles breast cancer. For this foundation, the company will donate up to $20,000. To make the donation, gamers can win pink ribbons in the game. For every pink ribbon, $0,05 is being donated. Each player can gather 5 ($0.25) pink ribbons. At the moment, 35458 ($1,772.90) ribbons have been awarded. It will take at least 80.000 players to transfer the full $20,000. With the game being sold at $2.99, this will bring in $239,200 in revenues (including channel share).

Keeping in mind the possibilities to have TAX reductions for donations, Mobile Deluxe proves charities are a perfect method to market your mobile games.

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