N-Gage Interview with Mark Ollila

February 5th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Interviews | 4 Comments »

After multiple delays, 2008 seems to have been the most important year in N-Gage history when it launched the N-Gage concept as a platform instead of dedicated mobile gaming hardware. Since the year has come close to an end, we asked Nokia’s Mark Ollila on what’s to expect next.

[Arjan] During 2007, the new N-Gage platform was introduced to the press. Countless launch delays caused the service to launch months later in 2008. What was the mean reason for justifying the delays toward consumers?

[Mark] Simply

    4 Responses to “N-Gage Interview with Mark Ollila”

    1. Avanzato1811 says:

      Hi and Dear Mr. Mark,
      We would like to see N-Gage game with more Multiplayer game. But, Multiplayer must have two choice in one game. Online internet and Bluetooth gaming. So, user have more choice to play Multiplayer either Online Internet or Bluetooth.
      Appreciate if Nokia/N-Gage can do like that!
      Thanks & Regards,

    2. Robert says:

      Way to avoid the N73 question Mark, don’t you think we deserve an answer after 12 months of being left in the dark?
      Nice to see someone actually put that question to them, shame it wasn’t pushed when he failed to address it though.

    3. Sephiroth says:

      This blows nothing on accelerated graphics,or nokia pumping more first party games.even the n73 support.God i think iphone has the best mobile gaming platform.ngage team blows not ngage.ngage can still be the wave of the future.but hindered by less innovative staffs.

    4. SamII says:

      They should bring in more innovative games its a closed platform for the big ones. Perhaps that will change sooner or later or they finally also invest in younger studios or those who think differently. Otherwise the 3rd ngage wave will be dead as well and then I doubt ngage will have a future.
      Nokia needs to realize that their internal product managers need to wake up and finally do their homework!

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