Nintendo Evaluates Action toward Nokia’s N900

November 30th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | No Comments »

Nintendo Last week, we reported that the Nokia N900 has several emulators on board that allow consumers to play games from consoles like the Super Nintendo and the good old Gameboy. Now it seems Nintendo might take action toward it.

Looking at the US, emulating consoles is partly legalized following a lawsuit between Galoob and Nintendo. A judge ruled that emulation is legal as long as a consumer bought the original. Many other countries share this ruling and so, many emulator makers provide their emulation engines without original console BIOS files. The BIOS is needed to complete emulation and play game roms.

The N900 however seems to have both an emulator and several BIOS files on board. Reason enough for Nintendo to evaluate possible legal action toward Nokia and possibly some other hardware vendors.

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