PopCap Maintains Dominance through Plants vs. Zombies

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When a business launches its products, all it takes is just one of the products to hit it big with the market. PopCap is a company that develops a lot of the games you might have already played, responsible for such classics as Bejeweled, Feeding Frenzy 2 and Plants Vs Zombies. PopCap games are not only available for iOS as well as Android devices but have now taken over the gaming world by storm. A lot of the games that the company has released are available for the PC, PS3, Wii and even Xbox 360. While many titles are popular, the biggest game that the company has probably ever developed is Plants vs. Zombies which continues to be a hit in all platforms that it is available in. There is a little known fact unknown to handheld gadget users and that is this game was originally released for the PC, and not for the latter as most people commonly believe.

As a paid-for app, Plants vs. Zombies became one of the fastest-rising games in terms of popularity simply because it was the first of its kind. The game, if you are not already familiar with it, pits you in the center of a zombie invasion with these monsters trying to invade your home and eat your brain. In order to protect your home, various plants and objects are used to kill the zombies. The game was simple enough to play and yet exciting to the point that players were not able to put their devices down.

As a result of the immense popularity of the game, a lot of developers tried to imitate what PopCap has released. There were plenty of titles that attempted to replicate the phenomenon of making plants fight against zombies by using other objects and characters. However, nothing could be as popular as Plants vs. Zombies. To this very day, it is still one of the most popular apps and continues to be downloaded by gamers and new fans of the title. It is because of this game that PopCap still asserts its strong presence in the gaming community and is popular as ever. It is safe to say that PvZ has started the Tower Defense Games saga, which i doubt will ever come to an end.

Plants vs. Zombies still get updates from time to time, providing gamers with a fresh perspective and gaming experience. PopCap sells this app at $6.99, which is just about right considering that there are still updates for the game. You can expect more games from the developer in the near future that will surely be a time-waster as PopCap sees no signs of slowing down.

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