PSPgo, the new Mobile Games Platform?

July 16th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Smartphones & Tablets | No Comments »

Sony-psp-playstation-portab It seems like Sony will be more aggressive to push the new PSPgo into the market. They striped the UMD drive, making it depend purely on digital downloads and their plans for it are along the lines of Apple's App Store.

Unlike Nintendo, it seems that Sony is very keen on signing up new developers for it's platform to beef up their content pipeline. One of their plans is to provide cheap developer kits to make sure small studios can join in as well. Though the price of the new devkit is unknown, some say it will be 80% cheaper then the current PSP devkit.

As for the content itself, Sony will be introducing very low price points to compete with the App Store. Also, it will include concept approval. That means you don't have to develop a full game and throw your work away if they don't like it. As for the completed game, there will be a QA process in place to ensure gamers will receive proper quality for their money.

With over 50 developers signed up already, the PSPgo might be the next big thing for mobile game developers and publishers.

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