Telcogames / MED Poll Results

June 23rd, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | 3 Comments »

The results are in. We asked what you’d prefer. Business with
Telcogames / Mobile Entertainment Distribution Limited (MED), or
watching Gay Porn. And the result is…

78% prefer watching others having gay porn above doing business with Telcogames / MED. Needless to say, most votes for Telcogames could be routed to London, where a big part of the industry is, as well as pretty much all remaining MED staff.

So with this poll closing, we start a new one about more or less the same subject. Lewis MacDonald clearly expressed that Tim Green was his favourite journalist for an interview. At the same time, many of you showed concerns about the quality of the interview.

Today, not only Tim Green had an interview with Lewis MacDonald, but also Stuart Dredge fired his questions at the MED CEO. So who’s best, or do you still hope for an interview between MGB and Lewis MacDonald?

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    1. Hmmm after I froze my account with them some time ago via Martin Kitney, I received pretty much the same transfer of content notice by post this morning detailing how my content was to transfered from Telcogames to MED.
      In order that they did’nt hear my instructions last time, I have since served written notice to Mr. Lewis MacDonald via return post today to remove my content from their distribution system.
      I have no wish to to work with them again and even though I am probably their smallest signed developer and problem right now, I refuse any further dealings with them now or in future.

    2. John Bridges says:

      Having attended the Telcogames Creditors meeting today, the Liquidators made it quite clear that NO content provider contracts were transferred as part of the sale of MED.
      MED are responsible for collecting monies arising from existing distribution and passing that back to the Telcogames content providers, but if they wish to distribute the content further then they must obtain a NEW contract with the original CP’s.
      In addition MED are responsible from April 15th 2008 for these revenue streams and not May 15th as they have stated to many of the CP lists.

    3. Thanks John for the update, that backs up my own thoughts pretty much regards the content transfer issue.

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