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June 23rd, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Analysis & Editorial | 2 Comments »

Telcogames_2 It seems to be interview day for Lewis MacDonald. Though PocketGamer’s
was pretty extensive, Tim Green also did his best to get some
interesting quotes.

Looking at both interviews, we do have to give my credits to Stuart Dredge as his interview went a bit deeper to my feeling. In any case, the future for MED is a bit mystified. Personally I would have loved to know where MED got the money for the TG acquisition from. With the Fathammer and Magic Studios being blamed for TG’s downfall, We wonder if history will repeat itself

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    1. df says:

      UUhh, some hardcore journalism there on the side of ME!! Tim really went where it hurts!
      I don’t want to say that I said so, but I do.

    2. ml says:

      I wouldn’t do business with these guys again….and to blame it on the development studios which were shut down as a result of being bought by TG is a poor excuse. TG went into administration because of its COO and CEO and decisions they made they made decisions to expand on unsecured funding by the sounds of the interview. MED is trading and paying the same COO and CFO money from royalties for games that were aggregated by Telcogames so they are the only winners! I wonder if MED inherrited the staff TG were paying who were employed at Orange UK?

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