Tele-Visie: Palm Pre Launch Tightly Directed

April 8th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: PalmOS | No Comments »

Yesterday we visited the Dutch Tele-Visie event. Besides the free food and drinks, the event is known for leaking information on upcoming devices. As so, we hoped to get a bit more information about developing mobile games for the Palm Pre.

Instead of what we where used to, the representatives where not really giving any information to us. They explained that they had to sign contracts with Palm on what they can or can’t say. They explained that demo devices weren’t even allowed to be touched by journalists and that during demo’s, only prearranged steps can be shown on the device.

The reason for this is that Palm will only announce between 70% and 75% of the device’s capabilities before launching it. There is even no word on IF the device will come to Europe according to the representative.

This all is the direct result of the new investor of Palm. The Pre launch means the difference between life and death for the company, so the investor has tightly directed all PR moves of the company.

What they did tell us is that the first SDK’s have been dispatched (we recently reported that there was a development program that was limited in the number of developers that could sign up). Currently, only the biggest names in the mobile gaming industry are working with the SDK.

The fact that the bigger developers are working with the SDK strengthens the rumor that developers are not limited to the XHTML/CSS/JS interface, but will also be able to develop native titles.

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