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September 18th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in About Us | 13 Comments »

Dear readers (and I hope I can call some of you even fans). Today I have written the 2.522th story on Mobile Games Blog and have started to ask myself an important question, what’s next in this industry!?

I personally left the industry nearly 1.5 years back when I departed my short career as head of games at IceMobile (previous I worked at Overloaded and did several other mobile things). Since then, a lot has changed in the industry and without a doubt, MGB has been responsible for a few of those things.

MGB always supported the small guys in the industry, but also never forgot about the big guys. MGB always respected embargoes, but at the same time posted rumors (which where true for 99% of the cases).

Currently, I live my life as a Service Manager, some sort of high level tech support guy (it sounds so ugly). Within my job, my previously built knowledge and network means nothing, but it pays more then I ever earned in the mobile games industry and is close to my home (I was used to travel 7 to 8 hours a day).

The fact that MGB means nothing to my employer, also means I can’t blog during office hours, this while competing with news channels like ME, MocoNews and Pocket Gamer who seem to have plenty of money and exist of multiple persons. My income over the past few years via MGB? Zero

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      Please keep up the good work. You (MGB) are the only good source for the industry! As you said its also your baby! You will see a lot of other websites fall as well. So PLEASE keep on rocking!

    2. Keep the Faith says:

      Keep going man, you don’t know how important your blog is for this industry. MGB is one of a few not for profit sites that sum up all that is good and true in this crazy and often twisted industry of ours…
      That said – life is much bigger and more important than ‘work’ you’ve got to live! I just hope that life includes MGF going forward!

    3. Christopher Kassulke says:

      Arjan please keep up the perfect work. You have one of the best sites around mobile games! Fast, independent and trusted! A voice for the whole industry.
      So yes – please continue your great work.

    4. Arjan,
      You will always have my support in whatever you choose to do and life indeed must go on outside of mobile of course.
      I hope when the time comes, that you decide to maintain the site etc. even if it’s only once every other week maybe, as I for once use it on a regular basis for industry news and releases – it is simply the best source of concise info from my point of view.
      I’m not sure what comes next and don’t wish to take a guess but I think although you may feel slightly underestimated or undervalued in some respects here, in reality you actually have many more supporters amonsgt us mobile developers than you think perhaps.
      You were certainly the key to my own entry as Mobile Amusements into this side of the games business many years back that much is sure.
      I think you should open a PayPal donate button to fund future activity of this site because it is worth it mate.

    5. Yes, this is a source of important info and I also hope it can continue.
      Agreed on the Pay Pal idea, please put that button up there

    6. Your site is the one i trust for industry news and info. Your information is independent and fresh.
      You should keep the good work, as for paypal, why not?

    7. Lots of love and respect from here as well Arjan – I hope you’ll decide it’s worthwhile to keep going. At least for a little while.. Who knows if we’ll all be gone in 6 months anyway – that’s the fun of it all, isnt it? 😉

    8. Dear Friend,
      My day starts with your website… after prayers. So you can guage how important it is for MGB to stay.

    9. Jan Rezab says:

      Keep going man!! We all enjoy it, and what else would the people from the mobile industry read?

    10. Please, keep on going Arjan. You really are the voice of this industry and without MGB, there would be a gap which could not be filled with anything else.
      You gave us so much… And we won’t hesitate to back you up when you need it.

    11. Jill Shiels says:

      Hey, agree with everything everyone has said. I love MGB, it keeps me going with my fight to get support for mobile games from my employer (an operator..). Wish you every success and happiness whatever you do decide!

    12. Allo says:

      I also agree with most of support posts here but keep in mind that this kind of service like MGB maybe needs some $$$, so we should find a way to support it not only with words but also with financial support!?

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