12 Year Old Releases iPhone Game

April 22nd, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | No Comments »

Apple The iPhone is not only changing the way the mobile games industry works, but also affecting programming hobbyists around the world. As so, a 12 year old kid has just released its first iPhone game.

This kid is Nicholas Weintraut and he has created the game after two weeks of studying Apple’s SDK and the documentation. Next to coding, the kid did all the sounds and graphics as well. Talk about being gifted…

The game is called Moo Cow Fury and is all about poop and cows. The graphics are Southpark alike and so fit they the title very well. The objective of the game is to race over a couple of laps and dodge the poop you find while you are on your way. The faster you run, the more poop you will run into during the race, which means you have to match your speed to your poop dodging skills.

To deepen the gameplay, the cow can use her breath to set the poop on fire. From it’s ashes, grass will grow that can be used to gain energy when you come across it during your next lap.

The kid’s father publishes the mobile game and the full family helped to improve the game for launch on the App Store.

-Great job, now go out and play with your friends!

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