Burger King Enters the Mobile Games Biz

October 9th, 2007 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Marketing Strategies | 1 Comment »

MoblissMobliss has announced a major deal with Burger King to create and sell mobile games based on Burger King’s format, and at the Burger King restaurants. Who will sign the big M?

Since selling games directly over the counter is a small technical issue, Burger King and Mobliss have set up a plan to sell the mobile games via SMS. The shortcodes will be promoted on packaging and billboards inside the fast food restaurants in the U.S. Plans for Europe have not been announced yet.

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    1. DSHU says:

      What a bomb this will be…I understand paying $5 for an XBOX game, but $3 for a mobile game. Not only that, but it has a monthly subscription fee. My guess is that Mobliss proposed to give BK a game to make some bucks. What BK doesn’t realize is that the value isn’t there for the consumer. It’s advertising, give it away here.

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